Friday, May 26, 2017

SAP Consulting Career

SAP Consulting Career option available for you!

Let's learn what is Sap Consultant ? And how to become a 

Sap Consultant 

SAP Consultant is a Supper Matter Expert either on the
  • Business/ sale
  • Functional 
  • Development or
  • Basis

domains of SAP ,SAP Consultant provides advisory recommendations ,guidance,implementation help in their respective SAP domains

You can be in different streams as  SAP Consultant

  • Business /sales Consultant
  • SAP Functional Consultant
  • Developer Consultant
  • SAP Basis Consultant                                                                                                                  

Skills that need to be a SAP Consultant
  • Extensive SAP (module specific) knowledge.
  • Good Domain (Banking, Telecommunication, etc.) knowledge
  • Good Communication and presentation skills
  • Ability to work in Teams and good interpersonal skills.                                                                        
Academic Background Needed 
  • Any Under Graduate Course like Bcom, B.E., BSc etc. with  any Specialization
  • Any Post Graduate Course like MTech, MBA, etc. with any Specialization

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